About Safe Investing

Safe investing is all about money and consistent decision-making. The following video (from Lee Lefever at CommonCraft.com) is an easy to understand introduction to this process.

This blog is a collection of what is on my mind; the thoughts of an individual investor (i.e. small fish in a large pond).

It is written by me, with insight from many mentors and help from visitors like YOU; great minds ranging from professional investors, hedge fund managers, media personalities, various entrepreneurial geniuses, all the way to my closest friends.

My Safe Investing site actually started as my trading journal back in 2000. As my research, track record, reflections and insights grew, I realized two things:
  1. My personal experiences were worth more than anything that I could get from an "expert" (in terms of education)
  2. It is impossible for an individual investor to be completely in sync and connected with Wall Street - one of, if not the most, well connected place on the planet

This site is another way of sharing that experience, which will get you to my level; knowing a little bit about a little bit.

Please feel free to contact me: http://www.invest-safely.com/contact-invest-safely.html